Sur la plateforme d'échanges de cryptomonnaies Lykke, les volumes échangés ces dernières 24 heures ont atteint en euros et en équivalent en Bitcoin : €195,839.08 (7.11 BTC). L'exchange Lykke supporte de multiples cryptodevise(s) et paires de trading. La place de marché Lykke a été créée en 2015 et a pour origine le pays suivant : United Kingdom.

Nom de l'échangeLykke
Volume (24H) €195,839.08
7.11 BTC
PaysUnited Kingdom
Année établie2015
Site Internet

Lykke – Description

Lykke exchange is a zero fee cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK and built by the Swiss fintech Lykke Corp. The platform can be accessed through a web terminal ( and on mobile devices (iOS (, Android ( and Huawei AG ( There are more than 20 selected cryptocurrencies with liquidity and tight buy-sell spreads. No crypto trading fees means cost-effectiveness and simplicity: users don’t have to understand the difference between taker and maker fees and how they depend on the volume. There are just zero taker and maker fees, period. In addition, the zero trading fee policy also applies to high-frequency and algo traders. Your bot can trade without taker and maker fees at Lykke. The platform offers a robust API ( with REST and gRPC protocols, and it is integrated with Margin ( trading platform that offers a wide range of visually configurable bots and a Python editor. Finally, Lykke is also a fiat gateway into the crypto market: you can deposit fiat by bank, Lykke does not charge any fees for bank deposits and withdrawals. In addition, Lykke offers 24/7 human support provided by qualified agents. The platform is KYC and AML compliant and awaiting the FCA permanent regulatory approval in the UK.

Tableau des paires sur l’exchange Lykke

Retrouvez l’ensemble des paires proposées sur la plateforme d’échanges de crypto Lykke. Chaque ligne du tableau est organisée de la façon suivante : devise, paire, valeur, volume échange ces dernières 24 heures sur Lykke et dernière actualisation des données.

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