Sur la plateforme d'échanges de cryptomonnaies Byte Exchange, les volumes échangés ces dernières 24 heures ont atteint en euros et en équivalent en Bitcoin : €73,112.50 (2.93 BTC). L'exchange Byte Exchange supporte de multiples cryptodevise(s) et paires de trading. La place de marché Byte Exchange a été créée en 2021 et a pour origine le pays suivant : Estonia.

Byte Exchange
Byte Exchange
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Nom de l'échangeByte Exchange
Volume (24H) €73,112.50
2.93 BTC
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Byte Exchange – Description

Byte Exchange, founded in December 2021 by Bytedex Technologies OU in Tallinn, Estonia, is a cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to increasing crypto adoption in regions where local exchanges are scarce. As part of the Bytedex ecosystem, Byte Exchange operates in partnership with Planmodern İnformation Technologies Ltd in İzmir, Turkey. Bytedex also encompasses Bytepad token sale and Staking Platform, with plans to launch Bytechain, a blockchain system, and Byte Wallet in 2023. With its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, Byte Exchange has a strong presence in the Balkanians, Turkey, and Caucasian regions. Bytedex maintains offices in Tallinn, İzmir, and Dubai, ensuring a global reach. Byte Exchange offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of cryptocurrency traders. Users can engage in spot trading with a focus on popular markets such as USDT, BTC, and TRY, supported by a vast selection of over 100 cryptocurrency pairs. Additionally, Byte Exchange introduces the innovative Synthetic token technology, enabling the creation and trading of indexes representing various segments in the cryptocurrency market, including metaverse, meme, and CEX. To prioritize the security and protection of users' assets and personal information, Byte Exchange implements a robust security infrastructure. With over 50 layers of security measures, advanced encryption protocols, and multi-factor authentication, Byte Exchange ensures a safe trading environment. User funds are stored in cold wallets using custody services, and compliance with GDPR and KVKK rules governs the storage and handling of user data. Byte Exchange maintains a strong commitment to compliance and regulation. As a registered Money Service Business (MSB) with FINCEN, Byte Exchange works closely with governmental bodies and follows AML/AMM measures in partnership with Ciphertrace and Chainanalysis. The platform complies with travel rule measures declared by OFAC and maintains a tiered approach to KYC. Byte Exchange also actively cooperates with regulators in the jurisdictions it operates to adhere to regulatory requirements and promote progressive cryptocurrency industry regulation. User experience is a key focus for Byte Exchange. The platform features a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, complete with advanced order types. Bytedex's integration with leading liquidity providers ensures deep liquidity on the exchange, enabling easy trading. In addition to trading, users can access Bytepad as a launchpad and staking platform using their Byte Exchange credentials, allowing them to track new project sales and explore staking options. Byte Exchange provides accessibility through a desktop web interface and dedicated mobile applications for both Android and iOS, offering users the flexibility to trade on the go. With support for a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including major tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, TRX, SOL, XLM, DOGE, SHIB, and more, Byte Exchange enables users to trade a wide variety of digital assets. Bytedex continuously expands its offerings by listing new and promising cryptocurrencies, ensuring that users have access to the latest opportunities in the market. The fee structure is based on a market taker and maker model, with trading fees starting at 0.15% and decreasing with higher trading volumes. Regular users' fees depend on their involvement in the Bytedex ecosystem, while advanced users' fees are based on their 30-day trading volumes. Byte Exchange has gained popularity in regions such as Turkey, India, Indonesia, and several Far East countries, along with a growing user base in the Balkan and European countries. Bytedex boasts a strong community of users from diverse backgrounds. Looking to the future, Byte Exchange aims to expand its services to countries lacking local exchanges, fostering increased crypto adoption in different parts of the world. With a focus on regions like Turkey, the Balkans, Caucasus, Africa, and Pacific countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, Byte Exchange envisions extending its reach to European countries and Latin America.

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