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Isiklar Coin (ISIKC) – Description

TURGUT ISIK, founder of ISIKLAR HOLDING A.S. was born in Bartın in 1932. After completing his education, he worked in the companies of his father and his grandfather for a while. In 1952 he established Isıklar Collective Company with his father Ali Rıza Isık. Turgut Isık who took over the works in 1959 as his father passed away, has established Isıklar Limited Company with Sezai Turkes and Fevzi Akkaya and by converting this company, which operated as a sales company for long years into a corporation, he entered industry with Bartın Brick factory.Turgut Isık established the factories Baksan Bartın paper sack, Bartın Lime and Meytas Lime and Cumra Paper Bags Factory between the years 1969 and 1981 . In 1976 he established Isıklar Maritime Group being composed of Isıklar Maritime Bargem , Bartas Bartın and Ship Barden. With the investments made in these companies, he had a fleet with 1 tanker and 13 dry cargo ships. With the establishment of Ozısık Construction and Genta Engineering Co, he entered into construction and contracting sectors. In 1974 in order to ensure continuity of his institutions, he gathered all his companies under the roof of ISIKLAR HOLDING A.S. Turgut Isık who passed away on 26th of March 1990, had the principle “Life is not a challenge,challenge is life” and as being a member of Turkish Private sector, in order to make contribution to the economical development of our country, he has realized all his responsibilities both in and out of the country with his outmost efforts, meticulous works and never ending dynamism, which he deemed was his duty. A few years before his passing away, Turgut Isık has wanted to establish a foundation for health and education and he has started with the related works. His desire which he could not fulfill during his lifetime was realized by his family in 1991 being in line with his educational and health targets. And now in 2019 , ISIKLAR HOLDING decided to move forward to the most innovative and trendy technology - blockchain. And created Isiklar Coin (ISIKC) . Bulgarian based company Isiklar Coin Bulgaria LTD creates its own coin which is affiliate based utility token , that serves the ISIKC Platform for all their long-term partners and suppliers . ISIKC is a ERC20 ethereum based token. Basicly the idea behind ISIKC is simple customer loyalty program , it is developed on blockhain because of all the pros that the technology gives. We believe that after the ISIKLAR application we can implement this idea worldwide.

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