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Odem (ODE) – Description

ODEM, or On-Demand Education Marketplace, is a blockchain-based distributed network that allows university students to seamlessly interact with their professors and academic partners. Through the creation of nuanced digital channels, ODEM makes it possible for users to come together to raise the quality of accessible education at a reasonable cost. Additionally, the ODEM platform allows qualified and trusted individuals from across the global education scene to create customized curriculum that can help students gain practical knowledge about the market at large and allow them to gain hands-on experience within various industrial sectors. Not only that, ODEM provides students with more choices for housing, transportation, and other necessities, thereby allowing international as well as local students to take ownership of their educations.ODEM connects students with various educational hubs via a smart contract-based payment platform. As a result, academic scholars can interact directly with one another and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries. This service allows users to access custom-designed courses and educational programs that can help them find a curriculum that meets their particular needs. Unlike the educational model used by online service providers such as Coursera and Khan Academy, where all teacher-student interaction is maintained virtually, ODEM creates customized in-person educational programs that prepare students for real-world jobs and businesses. According to the official whitepaper, the majority of ODEM’s current offerings are onsite educational experiences.Richard Maaghul is the CEO of this venture. He has been in the startup domain for over two decades and has been involved with a number of emerging/disruptive technologies in the past. In addition to co-founding ODEM.IO, Rich has been involved with Chevron Corporation as an executive. William Bayrd II is the COO of this project. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bill is the founder of three companies, including big-name establishments such as Excelorators Inc. Bill possesses a D.Pharma from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Michael Zargham is the Chief Backend Engineer for ODEM. He holds a Ph.D in Systems Engineering with a specialization in decentralized systems. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Michael possesses more than a decade’s worth of experience in domains such as digital systems and disruptive technology.To invest in this company, we will have to buy its ODEM tokens. They are ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens which can be used on the educational platform to trade for educational services. You will be able to buy the ODEM tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as the pre-sale was already finished in December 2017. The sale will begin on February 17 and it will last until March 19. We will be able to use ETH to buy the tokens and you can store them in any Ethereum wallet. The tokens will be distributed as soon as the sale is finished.

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